Foreigner Loan

Foreigners who have emergency financial needs are now able to enjoy the benefits of being eligible to apply for foreigner loans that will provide them instant cash to solve their issues within the shortest period of time. Foreigners do not have to look to banks for loan anymore which usually has long and tedious application process as well as high interest rates.

At Swift Credit, we put our customers as our priority. Our foreigner loans are highly popular as our application process is simple, not restrictive or demanding. In addition, our approval process is fast as we understand time is precious when it comes to emergency needs. Furthermore, our interest rates are very competitive and are considered affordable as compared to other alternatives.

Highlights of our Foreigner Loan:

  • Affordable interest rate
  • We customized our loan packages according to your needs
  • Hassle-free repayment options
  • Fast Approval

For more information on our foreigner loan services, call us at +65 6684 4129 

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